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    Who is my student's counselor?
    Counselors are assigned alphabetically by last name.  Select here to see who your counselor is and how to contact them.

    How do I change teachers/classes?
    Our goal at Rocky Mountain Middle School is to provide a rich academic environment that meets the needs of all students.  We focus on preparing our students for the challenges of high school and life after high school.  This means preparing students to face adversity and equipping them with the skills to adjust to a variety of teachers, professors, employers, and others.  Our students will gain much from curriculum, lectures, projects, and assignments.  However, the educational process includes far more than that; students also gain valuable insight and maturity from interacting with different people and adjusting to a variety of teachers. Contact your counselor to discuss any potential changes.  Select here to view our Class Change Policy.

    What clubs do you offer?
    Due to COVID-19, clubs are on hold for now.  Clubs change from year-to-year, but we encourage everyone to be involved in something.  Select here to view our current list of clubs. 

    Can I start my own club?
    Can't find a club you are interested in or really want to start a new one?  The basics: you'll need 5 committed members and a faculty member who is willing to sponsor you.  Come see Mrs. Rhees for more details.

    Can my student really start applying for scholarships?
    YES!!! We have located over 60 scholarships available for middle school students.  College is expensive and it's never too early to start thinking about how you can help with some of that cost.  Select here to view the scholarships This is not necessarily an all inclusive list. Come see a counselor for ideas or questions about scholarships. 

    Class Request/Registration Questions:
    I filled out the class request, now what?
    The class request is just that, a request.  We will do our best to fulfill all requests each year.  Keep in mind that we have 800 students and not everyone will get exactly what they are hoping for; it doesn't mean we didn't try.  

    Do I still need to register?
    Yes!  That was just a class request to give us an idea of how to build the master schedule.  You did NOT register yet.

    Can I request a teacher?
    We do not do teacher requests.  How come?  We feel that all of our teachers do an excellent job teaching and helping our students succeed. At RMMS every student is "our student".  This is evident as teachers meet each Monday to talk about how to better instruct and have best practices.  If you really have concerns, please contact your counselor.

    What about honors classes?
    We are excited about the change to the honors program this year.  All classes are considered honors classes.  The same curriculum is going to be taught in the honors class and the regular class; however, to extend the learning for students, term projects will be assigned based on essential standards to demonstrate deeper level learning.  The difference between the honors class and regular class will be that the projects are REQUIRED in the honors class.  If students in the regular classes would like to earn honors credit, they can do so by completing the offered project.  This opens up student schedules in order to take the elective courses that they want while providing a rich learning experience for everyone.

    How are class placements decided?
    There are many factors that go into the placement of each student.  Everything is done to accommodate each student's requests, but getting all 800 students exactly what they requested is never going to be possible.  Most of our electives are done by random selection.  We place requests into a computer program and it auto-fills students based on all of the information that is input. The process for honors is listed above.  We have a list of  "Specialty Classes" each year available as well.  For consideration into these classes, students fill out an application and are selected based on need and information received through the application process. 

    What are "Specialty Classes"?
    We have a list of classes that are available only by application each year.  In 6th grade, students are able to apply for academic aide and Latinos in Action.  7th grade students are able to apply for Latinos in Action, Peer Tutor, Academic Aide, Office Aide, Student Government and Stage Crew.  In 8th grade the specialtly classes available are Grizzly News, Yearbook, Office Aide, Peer Tutor, Student Government, Academic Aide, Stage Crew, and Latinos in Action.  Due to the nature of these classes and their popularity, we require an application to be submitted.  This allows us to find the most deserving and qualified students to fulfill our needs.  Because spots are limited, we do not allow a student to take multiple "Specialty Classes".  Students are welcome to apply for as many as they like, but again, will not be accepted into more than one in order to spread the opportunities among more students. 

    What do you do in each class?
    Select here for our Course Catalog for a brief description of the classes offered at Rocky Mountain Middle School.

    Can I opt out of PE?
    The simple answer is no.  Physical education is an important aspect of life.  It provides not only physical health benefits, but mental health benefits as well.  PE is a required class in each year of middle school.  Yoga can count as a PE credit.  Occasionally there may be medical needs that require an exception.  If this is the case, please speak with your counselor. 

    Can I retake a class I took last year?
    In most cases, the answer is no.  There are some exceptions such as music classes and drama, for example. The reason classes cannot be repeated is because it is the same curriculum you learned the year before.  We want students to try new things.  This also gives other students the opportunity to participate in some of the more popular classes.

    What's different about my student in Dual Immersion?


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