•                                                           Sora

     Sora is a student reading app from OverDrive. User friendly. Below are the steps to log in.

    Remember, you can always stop by the library and see Mrs. Kohler if you need any help or have questions about using this online reading app.

     Log In steps:

    1. Click link below.

    2. Click My school is Northeastern Utah Educational Services (green)

    3. Select Wasatach County School District 

    4. Example log in below:

           If I'm Sara Smart, with a student number of 10101, this is how I would log in:

                    Username: ss10101

                    Password: Ssma0101 (or new created email password)


     Sora Reading App 

    Check out steps:

    1. Select an eBook or audiobook and choose Borrow

    2. The book opens in your browser to begin reading or listening, if audiobook.

    3. The book will remain on your shelf for 2-3 weeks depending on setting you have. 

    4. You can renew a book if you need it longer, or return a book early if you are finished.

Last Modified on October 7, 2021