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  • My name is Ms. Medler. I teach 6th and 7th Grade Integrated Science. I am very excited to be teaching at Rocky Mountain Middle School this year! I am originally from Heber, attended Rocky Mountain Middle School, and graduated from Wasatch High School.

    I have a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from American Public University and am working on getting a Master's in Environmental Policy and Management.

    I love to spend time in the outdoors going camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking. The mountains around Heber are beatiful places to explore and view science at work in nature.

    I am excited to have this year be filled with scientific exploration and knowledge!


    Canvas Course Links:

    Science 6 Canvas Course

    Science 7 Canvas Course


    Contact Information:

    Email = bailey.medler@wasatch.edu

    Best Times to See Me:

    Monday during consultation, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday (Subject to Change)


    Parent Observer Links:

    Parent Observer Tutorials



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  • In my class, I use Canvas to keep track of grades.  I will update grades in SIS, but it will be listed as a single assignment named "Canvas Percentage" and will never show any missing assignments.  To find missing assignments and see individual scores for each assignment, you will need to log in to Canvas with your child's login ID and check their grades.  Please check their Canvas grade at least once a week!