Welcome to Little Wranglers Preschool

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    Dear Parents,

    This is a new set up for all of us, just know you aren't alone! We are here for you. We love your children, and we are trying to provide meaningful activities delivered in a simple format and easy for you to access. We will be posting all remote learning to this webpage. Our preschoolers do not have school assigned devices, so you can use any device you may have. Smart phones work too! You will see each week's "Must Do" and "May Do" categories. We would love for you to complete the "Must Do" section with your preschooler each day, then the "May Do" is optional, but we have included ways to embed learning into your every day routines.  

    We look forward to continuing working with you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 



    Mrs. Jena & Mrs. Olivia