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    Full-Day/Half-Day Kindergarten       

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    In an effort to meet the growing number of parental requests for all-day kindergarten, and the Board of Education’s goal to increase academic achievement in literacy and mathematics, Wasatch County School District now offers full-day kindergarten for all kindergarten students.  This change will take effect in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.  Recent research indicates improved equity and academic performance for students enrolled in all-day kindergarten (Thompson & Sonnenschein, 2015)

    Q.  Why is Wasatch County School District (WCSD) offering full-day kindergarten?

    A.  WCSD has had full-day kindergarten for many years for qualifying students.  Beginning the 2018-19 SY, it is available to ALL kindergarten students at all of our elementary schools.


    Q.  Is half-day kindergarten an option for my child?

    A.  Yes, half-day kindergarten IS an option.  Please complete Kindergarten registration as normal.  Then, contact the school your child will be attending to request this option.


    Q.  What if I change my mind during the summer?

    A.  If you have registered for full or half-day kindergarten and want to change your decision, please contact the school you'll be attending by July 1st.


    Q.  How does full-day/half-day Kindergarten affect the Dual Immersion program?

    A.  The Dual Immersion program will be offered in full-day kindergarten only. However, ALL interested Kindergarten students are encouraged to apply for the Dual Immersion Lottery.  ALL lottery applicants will be assigned a lottery number.  Full-day Kindergarten students will be placed according to lottery number and availability of spots in the Kindergarten dual immersion program.  Half-day Kindergarten students, along with full-day Kindergarten students who'd applied for the lottery but were not placed, will be put on next year's first grade waiting list according to lottery number.  They will be considered for Dual Immersion placement as space allows during their first grade year.


    Q.  Do Kindergarten students ride the bus?

    A.  Yes, the District will provide bus transportation for both full-day and half-day Kindergarten students as per Board Policy: "The Wasatch County School District is legally responsible to transport all school-age children, K-6 students who live one and one-half miles or more from their designated school and students in grades 7-12 who live two miles or more from their designated school." 


    Q.  How old does my child have to be to enter Kindergarten?

     A.  A child must be five years old by September 1 to begin public school for that year.


    Q.  Is my child ready for kindergarten?

    A.  The short answer is "yes."  Children are in different places in terms of academic, social, emotional, and physical development upon entry into kindergarten.  Our teachers and other educational professionals have been trained to meet the needs of all children within the context of the classroom.


    Q.  What does a typical day in full-day kindergarten look like?

    A.  The typical day in kindergarten included teaching and learning in the major content areas, specialist time which could include music, library or physical education, depending on the day.  Recess and lunch time are also included within the typical school day.


    Q.  If my child goes to half-day kindergarten, will she/he be behind when starting first grade?

    A.  We believe that extended learning time in a consistent environment is beneficial and want to provide that opportunity at WCSD for our families.  Both full-day and half-day classes will cover the curriculum and the requirements of kindergarten. The full-day kindergarten class provides more time for development of these requirements.  The teachers at WCSD have extensive knowledge of how children learn.  No matter the kindergarten experience, our teachers will be able to meet the needs of your child. 


    Q.  How will my kindergartener interact with the rest of the school during the school day?

    A.  Schools will provide specific schedules for parents that include recess, lunches and rotations into music, physical education and library time.


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Last Modified on April 10, 2019