• Dear Parents,

       Spelling is a key component in a child's ability to read and write fluently.  Recent research indicates that spelling is closely related to reading.  Here are a few things to know about spelling:

    • The English Language is predictable and follows patterns 85% of the time.
    • The more readers understand these spelling patterns, the more fluent they become as readers.
    • Explicit instruction is best for learning how to spell. 
    • Memorization works for sight words or words that do not follow a pattern.
    • Studying word patterns help solidify spelling and develops skills for decoding and spelling many words.

    What does this mean and how can you help?

    • Practice spelling patterns, not rote memorization of words.
    • Talk about words that don't follow the pattern.

    Spelling words for 3/10-17

    Pattern: root words

     add addition, move, movers, moving, work, worked, forgot, forgotten, forgetful



    Activities to do with spelling:

     Spelling City:   Log on using my website page. Practice spelling words through games.


    Write the spelling words using 2 different colors: one color write the base word.   Write the suffix in a different color.    Example: addition

    Word search:  Find as many spelling words as you can in your reading.


    Write a sentence using one or more spelling words in it.


    For each spelling word do the following:  Say the word.  Cover and write the word.  Check the word.  


    Have someone give you a test.  Practice those words you missed.


    Play tennis with a partner.  First person starts by saying a word.  The second person says the first letter of the word.  The first person says the second letter of the word.  You go back and forth until the word is spelled.  After the word is spelled, the next person says the word again and gets a point.




Last Modified on March 10, 2020