• Utah Administrative Code

    R277-474-5. LEA Responsibilities.

    A. Annually each LEA shall require all newly hired or newly assigned Utah educators with responsibility for any aspect of human sexuality instruction to attend state-sponsored professional development outlining the human sexuality curriculum and the criteria for human sexuality instruction in any courses offered in the public education system.

    B. Each LEA shall provide training consistent with R277-474-5A at least once during every three years of employment for Utah educators.

    C. Local school boards and local charter boards shall form curriculum materials review committees (committee) at the district or school level as follows:

    (1) The committee shall be organized consistent with R277-474-2B.

    (2) Each committee shall designate a chair and procedures.

    (3) The committee shall review and approve all guest speakers and guest presenters and their respective materials relating to human sexuality instruction in any course and maturation education prior to their presentations.

    (4) The committee shall not authorize the use of any human sexuality instructional program or maturation education program not previously approved by the Board, approved consistent with R277-474-6, or approved under Section 53A-13-101(1)(c)(ii).

    (5) The district superintendent or charter school administrator shall report educators who willfully violate the provisions of this rule to the Commission for investigation and possible discipline.

    (6) The LEA shall use the common parental notification form or a form that satisfies all criteria of the law and Board rules, and comply with timelines approved by the Board.

    (7) Each LEA shall develop a logging and tracking system of parental and community complaints and comments resulting from student participation in human sexuality instruction, to include the disposition of the complaints, and provide that information to the USOE upon request.

    D. If a student is exempted from course material required by the Board-approved Core Standards consistent with Sections 53A-13-101.2(1), (2) and (3), the school shall:

    (1) waive the participation requirement; or

    (2) provide a reasonable alternative to the requirement