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    What is a Twitter Chat?

    Twitter chats are online public conversations about a specific topic held on Twitter. These chats are scheduled for a specific time and date so that synchronous conversation can take place among people from anywhere in the world.  However, people can also participate asynchronously by following, and contributing to, the hashtag after the fact. Anyone can join a Twitter chat by searching a the specific hashtag assigned to the chat and reading a stream of tweets from users who are following the same chat. Generally, Twitter chats are hosted by a moderator who presents questions/topics and facilitates the conversation during the set period of time. The chat moderator will ask questions using the format Q1, Q2, etc. Participants respond to questions using A1, A2, etc.

    Why participate in #WasatchEdChat?

    Participating in #WasatchEdChat can help you:

    • learn and share best practices.

    • hear about new resources.

    • grow your Personal Learning Network

    • join in global conversations related to teaching and learning.

    • connect with other educators in Wasatch County School District.

    How can I participate in #WasatchEdChat?

    It's easy to participate.  Join in the #WasatchEdChat conversation by using our hashtag and logging in during our chat times.

    Do I need a Twitter account in order to participate in #WasatchEdChat?

    Yes. However, setting up a Twitter account is easy.  This site provides step by step instructions to help you get started!