• Mrs. Dickson

    English 11 Honors/A.P.

    Term 1*

    Wasatch High School 2017-2018

    English 11 Honors/A.P. Course Syllabus






    Aug. 23-25


    Course Disclosure

    Coke Letters

    Jolliffe’s Framework

    Introduction/Interest Inventory

    Return Disclosure Signed

    Interest Inventory


    Disclosure- 5 Interest Inventory- 5

    Annotations- 10

    Aug. 28-Sept. 1

    Week 1


    Hamlet Act I

    Hamlet Discussion I

    Hamlet Discussion I

    Quindlen and Coke Letters Annotations

    Hamlet Discussion- 10


    Sept. 5-8

    Week 2


    Lincoln 2nd Inaugural Address

    Hamlet Act II and III

    Hamlet Act II and III

    Hamlet Discussion Act II and III

    Hamlet Discussion- 10

    Lincoln Response- 9

    Sept. 11-15

    Week 3

    Abigail Adams- Timed Writing

    Hamlet Act IV and V


    Rhetorical Response 1 due Monday, Sept. 11th

    Timed Writing

    Abigail Adams Timed Writing- 9

    Rhetorical Response- 25

    Sept. 18-22

    Week 4

    Rhetorical Triangle

    Hamlet Act IV and V

    Hamlet Act IV and V

    Hamlet Discussion- 10

    Hamlet Self Assessment- 10

    Sept. 25-29

    Week 5

    Kennedy- Timed Writing

    Comparing Kennedy and Reagan

    Timed Writing

    Hamlet Oral Exam

    Timed Writing- 9

    Hamlet Oral Exam- 10

    Oct. 2-6

    Week 6


    Looking at a few more Rhetorical Analyses

    Crucible Discussion 1

    Hamlet Paper due Tuesday, Oct. 3rd

    Crucible Discussion 1

    Hamlet Paper- 25


    Oct. 9-13

    Week 7

    Banneker Letter- Timed Writing

    Crucible Discussion 2 and 3

    Crucible Discussion 2 and 3 Rhetorical Response 2 due Friday, Oct. 13th

    Banneker Timed Writing- 9


    Oct. 16-18

    Week 8


    Crucible Final Exam

    Crucible Final Exam, Tuesday, Oct. 17th

    Crucible Final- 12

    Oct. 23-26

    Week 9

    Leonid Fridman-Timed Writing


    Rhetorical Response 3 due Monday, October 23rd  Poetry and Donut DAY

    Timed Writing- 9

    Rhetorical Response 3- 25

    *Students are responsible for looking on Canvas for exact assignment due dates. ** All dates subject to change according to instructor and school schedule.