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    Dear Students and Parents,

    We are excited for the upcoming school year.  As your child’s special education teachers we will be working closely with him/her to ensure the school year and transition into the new school goes smoothly. As part of the Daniels Canyon Interventions Team, we will strive to provide individualized instruction for the students that we work with, encouraging a lifelong love of learning, and promoting the acceptance of unique differences and learning abilities.  As your special education teachers we will be informing your student’s teacher of their needs, modifications, and accommodations needed in their classroom.  We will regularly monitor your student’s progress in classes and in a small group setting, letting you know of what is going well for your child.

     Your child will be with his/her regular education teacher for the majority of the day.  We will support your child within their regular education classrooms and within small groups.  We're looking forward to a fun and productive school year. We will take care to make sure your child receives the appropriate help he/she needs.

     As a school we will work together to build a community that is safe, kind, responsible and successful.

     If there are any questions or concerns, please call or email, and we'll be happy to talk with you.




    Leslie Hoodes & Holly Rognan










Last Modified on August 19, 2017