• Coach Hull has always had a love of sports and fitness.  She played college basketball and when her career was over she started discovering other types of fitness.  She started skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking.  She wanted to teach physical education because she believes that everyone needs to have some type of fitness component in one’s life to have a higher quality of life.  She wants her students to develop a love of fitness in hopes they will continue putting it as a priority in their lives.

    Coach Hull is also a Nationally Certified Strength Coach with the NSCA.  She has a love of lifting weights and believes that it is important for girls and boys.  She has studied ACL injuries and has athletes in her class work towards injury prevention as well as athletic enhancement.  She likes to make sport specific workouts for each student to help them get the most out of their workouts for their sport or goal. 

    This is Coach Hull’s 20th year of teaching at Wasatch high school.  She has loved teaching her students at Wasatch throughout the years.  It is her hope that the students will enjoy the class and work hard to meet their goals.