• LIA Disclosure Document

    Kevin Brindle


    School: 435-654-0550

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    Everyone at Timpanogos Middle School will be inspired to achieve at high levels and create a sense of Community


    Course Description

    LIA is a class designed for bilingual students to develop leadership, citizenship, and mentoring skills. Students enrolled in this class will develop the following skills:

    • Writing and reading
    • Resume development
    • Speaking, listening, interpersonal and presentation
    • Work ethic/responsibility
    • Time management
    • Goal setting
    • Team work/cooperation
    • Problem solving
    • Decision making


    Students are enrolled in this class based on GPA, citizenship, dependability and trustworthiness after completing an application and by teacher recommendation.


    LIA students will mentor elementary school students throughout this course.


    Students are expected to wear the Latinos in Action shirt while working with students in the elementary school and while working on service projects.


    Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) for Terms 1, 2, 3, and 4. If a student is unable to maintain this GPA, the student will be dropped from the LIA class. ‘F’ Grades are unacceptable. Disciplinary problems are unacceptable and Students must maintain Honorable Citizenship.


    Discipline policy

    If disruptive or negative behavior occurs, a 3 step sequence of consequences will be followed:

    • Verbal Warning
    • Sent to different seat in classroom, or outside the classroom for a teacher conference
    • Sent to administrator and parental involvement.


    Fighting, harassment, challenging teacher authority, or the use of profane language will result in immediate dismissal from class. 


    Tardy Policy

    The school’s tardy policy will be followed. Students must be seated in class by the bell.


    Late work Policy

    Excused absences –students will receive full credit for any assignments within the time period of the lesson/unit during which it was assigned.  

    The deadline for all late work will be posted in the classroom one week in advance. Any late work will be accepted but at a lower grade.


    Grading Policy

    40%   Class Participation

    30%   Service Projects

    15%  Reflective Journal 

    15%   In Class Assignments


    100-92   =A                           91-90=A-

    89-87      =B+                         86-82=B

    81-           =B-                          79-77=C+

    76-           =C                           71-70=C-

    69-           =D+                       63-55=D

    54-           =D-                        Below

    51                                             50=F


    Course Expectations: Attendance:

    In Person: Students are expected to attend school when they healthy and able to do so safely, and when they are unable to attend class, they should be checking our online Canvas course to stay caught up. Students should be on time and prepared with a pencil and their I-pad charged.
    Distance Learning: In the event that we are moved to distance learning, students will be expected to attend class during our scheduled class time, unless you have completed and shown proficient in your weekly work. You will receive a message from me indicating you are not required to attend class. If you miss a distance class meeting you will be marked absent in SIS and your parents will receive a phone call. Monday class meetings will be mandatory for all students, as this is when we will outline the work for the week.

    In Person: You will be expected to take part in class discussions and read aloud or record yourself reading for the purpose of increasing fluency. You will be expected to proficiently complete your classwork list each week. Failure to complete assigned tasks will result in additional assignments, loss of free time, and homework.
    Distance Learning: You will be expected to participate in class meetings. Your camera must be on for class. If you have a technical issue you will be given a day to resolve the issue with the technology department. If called on during virtual class, you will have two opportunities to respond (15 seconds apart) and if you fail to respond you will be marked absent.

    Work Completion:
    In Person and Distance Learning: Students will be assigned practice activities to reinforce what we are learning in class. If they are unable to demonstrate proficiency on the formative assessments each week, they will be provided small group or one on one remediation and assigned additional practice which will become homework. If students consistently are unable to complete work proficiently a meeting may be scheduled to determine a better placement for the student.



    Student Signature:  


    I have read this document with my student and will help him/her to meet these requirements.


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