Performing Arts Program Participation and Facilities Use Policy Statement

    All students are required to read and sign the Wasatch High School Performing Arts Department Building Use and Production/Performance Policy.

    Additionally, students must adhere to the following department rules:

     Student Safety:

    All students will be required to read and sign the Wasatch High School Performing Arts Department Building Use and Production/Performance Policy. Additionally, students must adhere to the following department rules:


    Facility Use & Student Behavior

    1. Students must use appropriate language and communication at all times. Vulgar conversation, swearing, rude language, or bullying are not acceptable.
    2. Students shall only access facilities, equipment, or materials with the presence and approval of a Performing Arts instructor, school principal or assistant
    3. Performing Arts students shall only operate equipment with full training and certification from the theatre instructor or those designated by the theatre
    4. Performing Arts students shall restrict access to facilities for other students, faculty, staff, or patrons. All access will require the on-site presence and approval of a Performing Arts instructor or school
    5. Students shall follow all procedures established for the facilities and
    6. Students shall report all incidents which may result in damage or harm to individuals or
    7. Students shall speak and work in a professional manner. All communication with peers, supervisors, instructors, administrators, patrons, and performers will be kind and
    8. Students shall wear appropriate clothing for rehearsal, instruction, and performance during school hours and at all times while on the premises of Wasatch High School. Shoulders, torso, legs, cleavage, and midriff must be fully covered from shoulder to knee during rehearsals and events. Logos and graphics on clothing will not disrespect the school or community
    9. Students shall wear black pants and black polo/button up shirt during school and community performances.
    10. Students shall only operate electronic technology (personal or public) during performances with the approval and supervision of the supervisor/instructor for the event or Electronics will be confiscated on sight without discussion.
    11. Students shall restrict food or drink in the auditorium or auditorium operations. During after-school hours, food or drink is permitted in the scene shop as long as equipment is not in Students may have a capped water bottle as long as it is a clear container. Liquid should be placed far away from equipment.
    12. Students shall be responsible for facilities, equipment, and materials while in use. Damages resulting from improper and/or unauthorized access and the cost for repairs will be the responsibility of the student(s)
    13. Students and parents accept the risks associated with working in a professional theatrical facility and make every effort to minimize risk by strict adherence to all facility, department, and district policies, and industry standards for educational.
    14. Students must follow all health and safety recommendations, including protective gear and proper sanitation (e.g. washing hands, maintaining social distance, promptly notifying supervisor of illness or injury).



    1. Students shall respectfully follow instructions from advisors, drivers, instructors, and Busses, cars, and public transportation facilities shall always be clean and in good order.
    2. Students shall remain with the group at all times unless otherwise instructed by the advisors. Under no circumstances should students be alone on or off campus unless in a competition room during
    3. Students shall not possess or use drugs, alcohol, weapons, or items which may damage or endanger individuals or
    4. Students actions which violate school and/or event policies or break the law shall be sent home at personal expense in transportation provided by a parent or legal
    5. Students shall abide by all room curfews and quiet times. Students may not visit rooms unassigned to them unless doors are open and students are in full view of advisors and

    We take the well-being of our students very seriously and work together to put policies in place to support their safetyl. Violation of the Safety Procedures and Operation Guidelines for the Performing Arts wing and/or the Safe Schools Policy  will result in suspension from the activity and a failing grade on the project.  Actions which intentionally  or negligibly endanger self, others, equipment, and/or facilities may result in removal from the performing arts programs and classes for at least but not limited to one school year. Consequences for infractions will be at the sole discretion of the performing arts faculty and Wasatch High School administration. We are not required to offer warnings or second chances.                                                                                                      




Last Modified on May 8, 2020