• Hello! Welcome to Geography DS!

    Geography DS is a pull-out class that serves students receiving special education services. During the semester we will be focusing on the 5 Themes of Geography which are: Location, Movement, Human Environment Interaction, Region and Place. We will cover these in 4 units and use knowledge checks to ensure learning is taking place. History and social studies classes are a great opportunity to practice reading for information. With that in mind, we will be doing some book work to teach close reading skills.
    You can help your student out by asking them what they worked on in Geography. This is especially helpful as there will be very little homework. Most of the class work will be done in class. By discussing what they are learning in class it will help prepare them for the knowledge checks.
    I have provided links to the class schedule (subject to change) and the course syllabus (subject to change). If your questions are not answered there feel free to contact me via email or during my office hours which are 1/2 hour before school and 1/2 hour after school. 
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