• Wasatch High School 2019-2020 Course Disclosure – English 11 – Mrs. Harwin


    PARENTS:  I beg you to set up a parent Canvas account so you have access to everything your child has.


    CANVAS is where you find what we do in class, assignments, grades, etc.


    The purpose of this course is multifarious.  Through the study of language and literature we will:

      Develop critical, creative and logical thinking skills,

      Refine reading, writing, research, listening and speaking skills,

      Learn the definition of multifarious.


    Materials: Please bring these to class every day!

      Respect     Active mind     Imagination      Enthusiasm    Sense of Humor

      CHARGED Laptop

      Current novel we are reading and your own book for independent reading  

      Paper AND Pencil or Pen (We are not a paperless class)  


    Class Expectations


      Come prepared and come to participate actively in class each day. If you do that, then the rest will take care of itself – including good grades.

    Leave your food, drinks, and anything else not listed above in your locker or elsewhere.  They are not necessary to improve your language arts skills.  (I will collect these items and eat or dispose of food; other items may be retrieved AFTER class.) Water keeps your brain hydrated – you are welcome to bring a water bottle.

      “Be true! Be true!  Be true!  Show freely to the world, if not your worst, yet some trait whereby the worst may be inferred!”[1]  In other words: Don’t cheat – just admit you don’t know the material or did not complete the assignment.  It is better to blow a test or assignment than lose the trust of your teacher and peers.  Cheating includes, plagiarism, copying another student’s assignment or test, turning in assignments you did not do, etc.  Appropriate action will be taken including no credit for assignment (no makeup) and a chat with parent or guardian.

      Hall privileges are just that – a privilege (at my discretion).  Take care of business before you come to class.

      Class begins when the tardy bell stops ringing.  Please be in your seat ready to begin class and start the warm-up.


    Homework, grades, and other important details

    Assignments are due when listed on Canvas.  When assigned, I will also tell you the due date.  Extended time for extenuating circumstances is when the assignment closes, i.e. excused absence.  Don’t ask me to reopen it.  Typically, you have two weeks after the assignment is due to get it turned in late.  Points deducted for late work not related to an absence.  We will discuss this in detail in class. (“Gee, Mrs. Wall, you spent a lot of space on getting assignments turned in on time.”  “Yep – late work is my bane of teaching.”)

      After an absence, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check CANVAS and get your work.  Please discuss any questions about make up work with me.  Tests and quizzes may be made up after school but will also close after two weeks from the due date.

      The grade you earn is the grade you will see posted.  Do not ask me to give you points at the end of the quarter.  I don’t give grades – you earn them.


      WHS Attendance Policy

    •      https://www.wasatch.edu/Page/10163  PLEASE READ THIS!

    •      You earn daily participation points through attendance, preparation, and of course, participation.  You may make up missed attendance points for excused absences.

      If you do not understand any policies after we review this disclosure, please ask questions or see me!

      Please check your grade regularly to avoid conflicts at the end of the term. 

    Grade scale for final grades

    A = 92.50% or higher

    A- = 89.50 – 92.49%

    B+ = 86.50 – 89.49%

    B   = 82.50 – 85.49%

    B- = 79.50 – 82.49%

    C+ = 76.50 – 79.49%

    C   = 72.50 – 76.49%

    C- = 69.50 – 72.49%

    D+ = 66.50 – 69.49%

    D   = 62.50 – 66.49%

    D- = 50.50 – 62.49%
    F   = 0 - 50.49%

    ·       Late assignments will be docked 15-20% of the point value.

    ·       When the assignment closes on Canvas it cannot be made up.


    This class utilizes a four-point grade scale – see details in Canvas under Class Resources Module. 

    Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, etc. megan.harwin@wasatch.edu 

    Now you know what it takes to stay organized and be successful in class.  Let’s get to it and have a prodigious year (the positive definition of the word).


    We will be using the following books this year as well as view some related movie clips or the entire film as school district approved and relates to the curriculum.  You may read a synopsis of the film on IMDB.com

    Literature: Hamlet, The Crucible, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Great Gatsby, U.S. seminal documents, independent reading novel; various essays, short stories, poems, and current events.  (If time a fun read of Death on the Nile)


    [1] The Scarlet Letter 

Last Modified on May 23, 2019