Pre-AP English 10

  • Here's where we talk about Honors English, which is now Pre-AP English 10. We're getting prepared to do AP English in 11th and 12th grades. I'm going to help you figure it all out. Reading, writing, speaking, listening... all the things that will make you awesome at analysis and discussion, sharing and creating. 



    Welcome to Wilhite’s English 10,  
    Where All Your Dreams Come True* 

    *Provided all your dreams are literary in nature, spelled correctly, and given detailed analysis.  THOSE dreams. 

    Speaking Skills(You will speak in class. Get ready. Small-group and large-group discussions make up a huge part of our class periods.) 

    Reading Skills (You’ll read closely and take careful notations. You’ll analyze. Fear not. I’ll teach you. That’s what they pay me for. We’ll read together and discuss things, because that is why there are books.) 

    Writing Skills (We’re going to practice writing in several forms: Daily journals [short ones], Expository writing [explaining or informing], Argumentative writing [research-based claims], and Narrative writing [storytelling, true or not-so-true, also my favorite].) 

    Language Skills (You’re going to be a pro at grammar, because WE LOVE GRAMMAR, remember? This will prep you to rock the ACT.) 

    Listening Skills (We’ll listen to each other, to talks, and to speeches; and occasionally, we’ll watch appropriate segments of films. Once in a while, we will watch an entire movie version of one of our novels.) 

    Things to Bring Every Day: 

    Current text we’re studying (Lord of the Flies, Macbeth, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Of Mice and Men, if you’re wondering.) 

    Charged Computer, Pen or Pencil, Highlighters, and Paper (If you forget your computer, you’re on your own. [HINT:Don’t.] If you come without paper or a writing implement, you may borrow from a kind neighbor, or you may “rent” from me.) 

    Grades and Citizenship 

    92.5 – 100% is an A. If you don’t like the grade you earned, come talk to me EARLY. There are ways to fix it. You can retake some quizzes, and you can make up work within the proper timeframe. (I won’t bump your grade if you’re close to the next one. YOU can, though.)  

    Citizenship is based on your participation, preparation, and respect in the classroom. If you’d like to receive an H for the course, be on time, be prepared with the needed classroom materials, turn in good work on time, follow classroom rules, and participate in classroom discussions, lessons, and activities. 

    Absences and tardies will affect both the academic and citizenship grades—you must be in class in order to participate and complete the work. (Come to class. On time. Every time.) 


    You have been entrusted with a computer. You are responsible to USE IT. Check your email. Look at your Canvas. “I didn’t know” is no excuse. Know. Read. Check.  

    This classroom is a safe place. We will speak and act respectfully about each other and our work.  

    Be honest. Do your own work. Cheating is not acceptable. Do your own work. Do not try to pass off articles you read from the Internet as your own. I will know. Any plagiarized work will be returned for zero credit. You will have to do it again. You will not receive more than 50% points on that redone assignment. If you feel the need to test me on this, you will find that I am completely serious. Do your own work. (Did you get that part?) 

    Late Work: When work is turned in on time, it’s possible to get 100%. When work is late, it’s not. Assignments will close on Canvas. Those will not reopen. Stay on top of the work. If a student knows he or she will be gone, I will make the assignments available early. Guys? It is not possible to earn an A in this class if assignments are habitually turned in late 

    Got it? Good. Let's go.