• Chatting Up Socrates - Prezi Presentation

    Socratic Seminar In-class Expectations


    1. Discussion vs. debate
    2. Address comments to all
    3. Participate vs. dominate ("3 then Me")
    4. Move the conversation forward
    5. Relate to the text
    Socratic Seminar Self-Evaluation

    Rate your participation 1(rarely) 2 (sometimes) or 3 (always).

    1.       Did I offer up my own views and answer questions?
    2.       Did I cooperate and avoid debating with others?
    3.       Did I address my comments to everyone – not just one student?
    4.       Did I cite reasons and evidence for each of my comments?
    5.       Did I listen to others respectfully?

    Give yourself a total score out of 15 points

    What are your last thoughts on the topic?

    What are your thoughts about Socratic Seminars?



    Odyssey Online Discussion Prompt (Example)

    Choose one event, quote, or section of The Odyssey or any topic from class this week and discuss it in a deeper and more complex way than we did in class. You can discuss almost anything here. Please just make sure that you are posing new questions, developing new insights, or discussing to deeper levels than we did in class.

    Think carefully about this question, and then complete two of the following:

    Answer the question in a carefully constructed post of 200+ words or
    Write a 200+ word response to another student's post, clarifying, disagreeing, questioning, or expanding on what they wrote.

    Online Discussion Rubric (Example)

     Discussion Rubric

    Fahrenheit 451 Online Discussion Prompt (Example)

    Read the section closely, rereading for comprehension. You may use the internet to research interpretations, but you MUST cite any website that you look at! 

    WRITE 4 interpretations, analyses, or responses to the section. No length requirement, but I will be looking specifically for QUALITY from all four comments.


    By midnight, you will be required to post to your group's discussion board. Only your group  will have access to this discussion board. By midnight tomorrow, you will be required to respond to at least two threads that have been posted by other students in your group. You will also be required to read the responses to your original post and respond to those ideas accordingly. Your posts will be graded on quality, quantity, timeliness, and grammatical correctness.

    Each response needs to be edited for spelling, grammar, etc.
    No length requirement, but I will be looking specifically for QUALITY from all four comments.
    • The overall goal of the responses should be to help each other understand the concept better. You can do this through clarifying meaning, intentions, and connections to our lives today.

      See the rubric for grading guidelines

    Discussion Rubric 2