Need to Know

  • This may appear long, but it's important, and applies to all eSchool students,  so please hang in there until the end.

    • If you have a period that says "eSchool" or "eSchool CAMPUS" in your schedule, this means you are taking your class online. Just like any other class in your schedule, you are expected to complete all of your work for the term, and your grade closes and is submitted at the close of term.
    • This means that any work that is left unfinished by the end of the term is considered missing work, is given a zero, and averaged into your grade at the end of the term.
    • So, if you have 1 period that says "eSchool"/"eSchool CAMPUS", you are expected to earn one quarter credit online for the term. If you have 4 periods that say "eSchool"/"eSchool CAMPUS", you're expected to earn FOUR quarter-credits online for the term.

    Many students are overdue on their term 1 courses.

    • IF they come to me to work out a plan for their overdue course, I will work out a plan with them.
    • If they stick to their plan, they can receive their Term 1 and Term 2 credits at the end of the semester, and can continue the privilege of taking classes online at WHS.
    • If they do not work out a plan with me by the start of week 3, or if they do not stick to their plan, they will not receive credit for their Term 1 course, and they will not be able to continue the privilege of taking classes online at WHS after the close of Term 2.


    Other Things to Note:

    *Any student taking PE of any kind is expected to complete a Fitness Log with specific requirements, AND complete an entire Term course online. This involves lessons, coursework, and assessments. It is NOT just earned through "working out". The log is only PART of the grade, the main portion of the grade is earned through completing the online course.

    ** If your course has the word "Term ___" in it, or "T __" in it (Example: Fitness Term 1, or US Govt T2...), this means it is only a quarter-credit (0.25 credit) course. All courses require at least two terms (half credit= two terms = 0.5 credit). Please make sure you understand how much credit you need, and how much you are currently taking.
    I hate for students or parents to have an unpleasant surprise when they think they are finished with the whole semester/half-credit after taking only a term/quarter-credit course.

    Please ask me if you have any questions at all.

    Jackie Pedersen