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    You do NOT need to come to the library to check out a book on OverDrive.  You do need to know your computer Login, though.  (It's the same way you log into your school computer.)
    Once you've selected and borrowed a book, you'll need to decide how you want to read it.  You can put books on any device with an e-reading app like Kindle, etc., or you can download books directly to your school computer.
    The information below will walk you through some basic steps for dowloading and reading OverDrive books.  But, keep in mind, if you have any questions, stop by the library any time.  Mrs. Kohler is more than happy to help in any way.
    • Click on the OVERDRIVE EBOOKS link on our school library webpage or go to http://wasatch.lib.overdrive.com
    • Find the book you want.  Touch "Borrow" and then "Read in Browser."
    • Once the book opens, click "Start Reading."
    • Now, hit the down arrow on your keyboard.  An options menu will come down.  This options menu allows you to change the size and font of the text, search the book, go to specific chapters, etc., but it also lets you download the book for offline reading.  Scroll down until you see the download icon (It looks like a small cloud.)
    • Click the download icon.  
    • Once the book is downloaded, simply bookmark the URL or web address at the top of the screen.  You're saving that particular site to your internet favorites.  Now, even if you don't have wifi, you can still go to this bookmarked web address to access and read your book.
    • Keep in mind, you only have the eBook for up to three weeks, depending on your setting for borrowing an eBook. After that time, the book is automatically returned to the online shelf.
    •  In order to listen to a book on your school computer, you'll need to install OverDrive Reader.
    • From your desktop, click on the File Explorer Icon in the desktop tray.  (It looks like a folder.)
    • Then click on "Zenworks Adaptive Agent."
    • Then click on "Zenworks."
    • Finally, click on "Overdrive"  The program will now start to install, and, once it's done, the Overdrive for Windows icon will appear on your desktop.
    • Now, you can check out an audio book.  Click on the OVERDRIVE EBOOKS link on our school library webpage or go to http://wasatch.lib.overdrive.com
    • Find the audio book you want.  Touch "Borrow" and "Download."
    • The audio book will automatically appear in the Overdrive for Windows program on your computer.  Simply click on the Overdrive for Windows icon on your desktop, and you can start listening to your audio book.
    • Books will automatically return on their own after three weeks.  But, when you're finished reading a book and want to return it, simply log into our school's OverDrive library (http://wasatch.lib.overdrive.com).
    • Click on the "account" button at top of the screen.  It's right next the the question mark/help option.
    • Your bookshelf will pop up showing you what books you currently have checked out.  Simply click on the "Return This Book" option below the book.  
    • If the "Return This Book" option isn't visible, because you've downloaded the book in a different way, you can click the question mark/help option.  It will walk you through returning your book dependent on your specific download method.  Or, you can always stop by the library, and Mrs. Kohler can log in and return the book for you.  
    • Touch "Get Books" or "Add a Library."
    • Type something in "Search Location" (our zip is 84032) or just "Browse" for Rocky Mountain Middle School.
    • Sign in using your computer Login and password (the same login you use for your school laptop).
    • Find the book you want.  Touch "Borrow" and then "Download."  The EPUB version will download directly into your OverDrive Media Console App for reading.  For the Kindle book option, you'll need the Kindle app on your device.
Last Modified on September 4, 2018