• WCSD Title I Accountability Review

    1)      LEA Accountability Report Card

    a.       Provide report card other than that provided by USOE

    b.      The document is available in a format and language that is understandable to parents

    c.       The LEA report card is disseminated widely through available public means

    2)      Annual LEA Plan

    a.       The Utah Consolidated Application (UCA) was developed in consultation with teachers, principal, administrators, and other appropriate school personnel, and with parents from Title I schools.

    3)      Eligibility & Use of Funds (Schoolwide or Targeted Assistance)

    a.       Federal Funds in Eligible Schools

                     i.      The LEA uses Federal funding only in eligible school attendance schools

    1.       Free and Reduced Lunch Document

    b.      Title I Measure of Poverty

                      i.      Uses the measure of poverty with respect to all school attendance areas to identify eligible school attendance areas, determine the ranking for each area, and to determine allocations

    c.       Title I Homeless Set-asides

                      i.      The district sets aside such funds as necessary to provide services comparable to those provided to children in schools funded under this part to serve, where appropriate, eligible homeless children who do not attend participating schools and children who live in institutions for neglected or delinquent children.

    1.       Eligible Homeless Expenditures

    d.      Parent Involvement Title I Parent Involvement Policy

                        i.      Each participating school provides for the involvement of parents;

    1.       Convene an annual public meeting

    2.       Offer a flexible number of meetings

    3.       Involve parents in an organized, ongoing and timely way

    4.       Provide parents with timely information on topics such as curriculum, assessments etc., and opportunities for regular meetings (if requested)

    5.       Provide for the submittal of parent comments on school plans (schoolwide project schools, as necessary)

    4)      Fiscal Requirements

    a.       Maintenance of Effort

    b.      Supplement Not Supplant

    c.       Comparability Report

    d.      Time/Effort Documentation

    e.      Employment Certifications

    f.        Equipment Inventory

    g.       Single Audit

    h.      Procurement & Expenditures


    5)      On-Site Monitoring and Peer Review

    6)      Moving from Targeted Assisted to Schoolwide Eligibilty

Last Modified on April 4, 2016