Class Disclosure Document- YOGA

    I’m Mrs. DeEtte Englebright, and I am so very happy to have you in my yoga class! Namaste!

    Yoga is an ancient practice that has been around for over 5000 years. I will incorporate Astanga Yoga (power yoga), with Restorative Yoga (gentle, slow paced, healing yoga). I practice Hatha Yoga, or westernized yoga, which is NOT religiously based.

    My email is deette.englebright@wasatch.edu. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Here is a list of my class objectives:

     Learn to breathe correctly, using Ujjayi (or ocean) breath.

     Learn to be mindful—to be in the present, and pay attention.

     Learn to appreciate your body and who you are.

     Learn the correct postures of Astanga yoga.

     Become stronger, more flexible, and more balanced.

    Establish or improve positive habits, such as journaling, self-reflection, self-control, and positivity!

    We will provide yoga mats for the class, but many students like to have their own yoga mat. You are welcome to bring your own mat, and store it in your PE locker. Lockers will be issued the first week of school.

    Required dress: Pants (long or Capri length), form fitting tops, no shorts or loose t-shirts. Bare-feet!!! No shoes or socks. Dress code will be enforced by deducting attendance points.

    Evaluation: *Attendance/Participation (70%): Ten points each day. If you would like to make up points from missed days, TWO TIMES/term I will accept a note from another yoga teacher that you attended their class, or a note from a parent that you practiced at home via a DVD, You Tube, etc. I will take roll 5 minutes after the 2nd Bell rings. Attendance will be accurately marked daily on the SIS District Website. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor attendance daily. (I will not make attendance changes at the end of term, only during the term if the student talks to me about a mismark.)

    (Attendance Policy Reminder: If a student exceeds a combination of 5 absences and/or tardies in any one class within a term, they will receive a citizenship mark of Unsatisfactory Attendance (UA). In order to graduate, a student must earn a minimum of 28 units of Citizenship Credits.)

    *Exams (20%): A Midterm and a Final (not comprehensive) will be taken. NO make-ups unless prior arrangements are made with me.

    *Student Teaching (5%): Required!!! NOT OPTIONAL. Towards the end of the term, you will be placed in a group and assigned to teach a 40 minute class. Each individual will teach for 10 minutes, and then rotate to the next group member. You will have class time to prepare for this .

    *Self-Introspection (5%): Examination of your own thoughts and feelings through journaling. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A JOURNAL EVERY DAY!

    Please read over this document, and have your parent read it as well. Please sign here :

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