• Why is the Board contemplating a need for a bond?

    Wasatch County School District has experienced rapid student growth for over 20 years. While Wasatch County is the eighth fastest growing county for its relative size, Heber City is the third fastest growing micropolitan in the nation (Tribune, March, 26, 2015).



    In 2009, to alleviate enrollment growth, the district built a new high school and configured a district-wide grade level realignment. Since that time the district’s enrollment has increased by 1000 students, the equivalent of approximately two WCSD elementary schools. Wasatch High School  (Grades 9-12) may exceed two-thousand  students by 2018. Without modifications to our middle level grades, both Timpanogos Intermediate (Grades 5 -  6) and Rocky Mountain Middle School (Grades 7 - 8) will have eleven-hundred students each, requiring a total of eight additional classrooms and far exceeding the buildings' capacity in common areas to handle such enrollment growth.

    Wasatch County’s elementary school facilities are quickly approaching capacity. The school district has been absorbing growth by adding double classroom portables at Timpanogos Intermediate, Rocky Mountain Middle, and Midway Elementary. The school district is currently utilizing eleven double portables (22 classrooms) and has purchased two additional portables for the 2015-16 school years. The school district’s enrollment is expected to grow by another 1000 students by 2020, with a total population nearing 7000 students.

    The current WCSD pool facility, at Timpanogos Intermediate School, is nearly 40 years old and does not adequately meet our educational and numerous age group service needs due to limited space, availability, and limited spectator seating.