• Step one – in the lower right hand corner of the screen you will see the wireless network symbol.  Click on it to open up the wireless connection screen (graphic 1)

    Step 1

    Step two – Locate the name of your home network. (graphic 2)  If your network is not broadcasting it will show up as hidden network.  Click on the name of your home network.

     Step 2

    Step Three- Type in the password to connect to your home network.  (graphic 3)  If your network is not broadcasting and you clicked on the hidden network you will need to input the name as well as the password.  Once you have put in the information click the next button.

     Step 3

    Step four – If the password was correct your computer will connect to your home network and will show the connected screen (graphic 4).  If it failed to connect it will show a message of “can’t connect to this network”.  If you do run into this problem please follow these trouble shooting tips. 

    1 – Check the password to make sure it is correct and typed in correctly. 
    2 – reboot your home router and then try it again. 
    3 – Check your home router by logging into it and making sure that it will accept new connections by trying to connect a different device.
    4 – contact your network provider to get help connection multiple devices to your home network.

    Step 3