• Name: Char Dawson
    Email Address: charlene.dawson@wasatch.edu   Me
    Phone number: 435-654-0640

    This is my eighth year at Wasatch and my thirteenth year teaching.  This year I am looking forward to teaching AP Human Geography, Psychology, America at War, and the Community of Caring class. 
    Last year, AP Human Geography was a big challenge for me but so much fun and truly a positive experience.  My students, overall, averaged well above the national pass rates and the class overall averaged 3.2 on the exam!  (A three will get you college credit.)  I want to set the bar even higher this year!  Included below are documents that outline the course calendar as well as the "Motherload" study review packet. 
    Previously, I have taught Psychology 1 and Psychology 2.  This year, I am pulling the best from both worlds and combining classes.  If you have taken one before and are taking psychology again you will find some similarities, although I can't help but make changes and improvements to my content each year.  For example, assessments will involve deeper thinking to demonstrate understanding and be in a variety of formats.  I love incorporating hands-on activities and experiments, but will be having students lead many more of their own this year.  The calendar below is from last year, but will give an idea of topics covered.  I will update as soon as possible.
    America at War will be taught second semester.  I have taught the course before and have missed teaching it.  We will focus on big ideas and questions while exploring America's history of military involvement.  For example, one essential question that students will have to answer and defend is 'What makes America Exceptional?" I look forward to skyping in class with renowned author Kenneth C. Davis, the author of many of my favorite books on American history.  Course calendar is in the works.
    Community of Caring is a "start-up" class with the mission of providing help to those in need in the form of weekly food assistance.  We are located in room 22 at West Campus and have a lot of logistics to hammer out.  Students will be pushed to get creative, work hard, and make a real difference in our local community.
    I look at teaching more as a calling that I have been given, rather than a job.  Each year, I strive to get better and to build stronger, positive relationships with my students.  I do what I can to make every year better than the last.  Thank you for your patience in this lofty goal!
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