• How To Be A Successful Online Learner Tips

    • Establish a routine.  Set aside daily dedicated study times to work on homework and participate in online classes.
    • Set up a dedicated study area.
    • Log into your class at least two to three times per week—potentially more frequently for summer courses)—or as often as your instructor recommends, in a time frame that allows you to concentrate on the course. Time management is important. Schedule your time wisely.
    • Have spiral noteboorks readily available.  Most interaction in an online class is through writing, so you should be comfortable with communicating electronically and you should know how to express yourself appropriately through writing.
    • You should be familiar with using technology, the Internet and email, as well as downloading, uploading and saving files.
    • Know your instructors and how to contact them. It is important to contact your instructor, by whatever means the instructor has specified, if you begin to experience any difficulties.


Last Modified on June 12, 2020