•  Dear Parents,

    Make sure you check out our field day activities on Tuesday! So much fun with things everyone has at home.

    With countless disruptions and unforeseen changes during what some are calling The Great Pause, children are bound to experience a range of emotions. They may be frustrated they can’t play with their friends. They may be sad they can’t see their teachers. They may be anxious because their routine has changed so drastically. 
    No matter the cause of their strong emotions, young children can benefit greatly from learning and practicing research-backed social-emotional strategies. 
    Now is a great time to help families practice these strategies with their children at home. Doing so will help children build social and emotional skills, nurture their resilience, and foster independent problem-solving.
    Share the following Tucker the Turtle activity with families to help them guide their children to manage strong emotions. After all, everyone has strong emotions—especially now! It’s just a matter of learning how to deal with them.  

    Our students learned how to manage their emotions with Tucker the Turtle. Reread the story with your child and have them explain what Tucker does when he is upset. https://www.connect4learning.com/insights-main/manage-emotions-with-tucker-the-turtle

    To learn more and explore some activies please follow the following link: 



    We sure have enjoyed teaching your children. Please let us know if you need anything.


    Lala and Heidi


    Lessons 26-28

Last Modified on May 26, 2020