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  • 1st grade program

    “Expect to Excel”!! We have been practicing this motto at Old Mill. The time has changed, Spring is on its way and our school is hopping with class programs, field trips, and the end of term three. This past week we celebrated first grade with a program presented to the parents and some of our student body. The students shined as top notch performers in their speaking parts and singing. The program took the audience through Mother Goose Land, teaching us that when “Life gives you lemons…we all make lemonade!”.

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  • 5th Grade Maturation Night

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  •  Noche de Maduracio�n

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  • Discher Dairy Keen

    Old Mill students have been working hard reading for our Literacy Month.  Kids enjoyed the Harry Potter Theme and earned Hog Wart Express Tickets for reading.  Several classes enjoyed a Lumos Reading Break during their reading block.  The top classes in each grade will get to participate in a Magic Show and the top grade in the school will enjoy a party.

    We would like to thank Dairy Keen for sponsoring Teachers at the Train.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to see their teachers outside the school setting and also a time when teachers can earn a little extra money to use in their classrooms.  Thank you to all the parents who supported this program.


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  • mr. brown

    Old Mill fourth graders enjoyed their annual Mountain Man Rendezvous last week. The morning was spent participating in rotations that included making medicine bags, eating Indian fry bread, and competing in arm and leg wrestling. The long awaited Rendezvous was enjoyed in the afternoon where the students had their “booths” set up in the gym to trade their homemade items for Beaver Bucks.  This enjoyable day ended by learning from some amazing Mountain men who taught us how they trapped beaver and survived on the land. This will be a day the fourth graders will always remember.  Many thanks to all the presenters and parent helpers. 


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  • ski competition

    Fifth grade students from Old Mill Elementary had the wonderful opportunity to go and watch the World Cup Biathlon at Soldier Hollow on February 15th.  Students watched as several countries competed against each other.  It was an informative and fun event to learn about the different skills needed to participate in this sport. Students especially enjoyed cheering on these amazing athletes from all over the world. 


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  • 18-19 Student Registration Is Open For New and Current Students


    If you are new to our school be sure to click the "New" student registration.  If you have children who are current students and returning in the Fall, be sure to click the "Current" student registration.  We are encouraging everyone to get registered asap to determine growth and class sizes sooner rather than later.  Please forward this information on to any new families in your neighborhood.

    Student Registration Link



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  • OME Reading Brag Tag Challenge


    Let's get reading OME...


    We spent some time chatting with adults and children alike about what hooked them into reading and almost every one of them said it was a particular series, character, genre or author that peaked their interest.  Therefore, we created the OME Brag Tag Reading Challenge.  Students choose a book series that they would love to read and then get a bookmark from Library.  After they read each book in the series, students then complete a graphic organizer to share what they have learned and loved about the book and turn it into their teacher.  Students then check out the next book in the series.  When they finish all the books on the bookmark, they turn it in at the office. Mrs. Discher will come around once a week with the Reading Brag Tag cart to award the students with their grade level super cool Converse keychain and a new brag tag or two for their efforts.  The goal is to have students fall in love with characters, settings, genres and authors, as well as allow their imaginations to take them on amazing adventures!  (Currently we have students who are completing 2-3 series a month and we are struggling to keep up with them, which is great and we are up to the challenge)  Students proudly display their keychains on their backpacks with all the brag tags that they collect.  We hope students will "brag" about the books they are reading to share their excitement and encourage others to do the same.  The journey of a lifetime could start with the turning of a page...Happy Reading OME!


     OME Brag Tag Challenge Video

    1st Grade Bookmarks

    2nd Grade Bookmarks

    3rd Grade Bookmarks

    4th Grade Bookmarks

    5th Grade Bookmarks

    6th Grade Bookmarks





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  • Amazon Smile OME

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  • Hello Parents:

    COMMUNITY COUNCIL: Our Community Council has three openings this year that need to be filled. Being on the Community Council is a great way to be involved with the school. The council is a committee of elected volunteer parents and school staff members whose main purpose is to create a spending plan for trustland monies and safe walking routes to school. The position is for two years. The Council meets once a month.

    If you would like to be considered to serve on the Community Council for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years, please submit a letter of interest with the following information to stephanie.discher@wasatch.edu by August 19, 2016. I will need:
    Your Child's Name/Grade for 2017-18
    Phone Number
    Elections will start on Back To School night, Monday, August 21. It will run for three consecutive school days thereafter (thru August 24). A ballot box will be located in the Front Office for voting. Be sure to cast your ballot at that time. In the event that not all vacant positions are filled, the School Community Council will appoint a person to fill that position.
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  • Mrs. Discher Principal's Message

    Old Mill Elementary is a great place to be. I believe that strong community/school relationships are essential to high academic achievement. Find any successful school and you will also find parents and community members that are involved and supportive of the school. This community recognizes the value of educational and extracurricular activities. Therefore, our school expects our students to excel both inside and outside of the classroom. I hope you are proud of our students as they reflect these expectations through their character and commitment. It does take an entire village to raise a child, therefore please talk to your child’s classroom teacher about volunteering opportunities.

    We hope that you find our website helpful and informative. We know everyone has busy schedules, therefore we want to keep everyone in the loop to allow families to plan for and attend school events. You will find that all information sent out via email can also be found on this site. Our monthly newsletters are emailed to parents and will be uploaded to the website as well. We have also entered all dates for events and activities in the “Calendar” feature. Additionally, we have a Facebook page that we will use to send out updates and quick announcements throughout the year. 

    It is truly an honor to be a part of a community where parents, teachers, and students care for each other and strive to build positive relationships that support academic and social growth. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and to a very exciting and successful school year … Go Owls!


    Stephanie Discher
    Proud Principal of Old Mill Elementary