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    Welcome to 

    Mrs. Hall's

    4th Grade Camp

    Name: Mary Hall 
    Email Address: mary.hall@wasatch.edu
    Phone number: 435-654-6900


     I am happy to be teaching 4th grade here at- Daniels Canyon Elementary. I love sharing all of the cool subjects in the 4th grade curriculum.  We get to study the great state of UTAH,awesome science topics like animals, environments & energy, kickin' math concepts, and we write and read our paws off (because we are wolves) !  YaHoo!


    I will keep you up to date on what's going on in the classroom via my monthly newsletter, "The Hall Monitor". The students will also bring home a weekly "Camp Permit" that will have homework assignments and any other important information for the week.  These must be signed by a parent/guardian and turned in when entering the classroom on Friday.  We will keep track and earn rewards, so be sure to look for them!


    No BORED CAMPERS!!!!  If you need some extra ideas at home, there are a lot of resources on the internet...just google it.  I also recommend the following:

    1 - Coding - contact me for the student's code.org log-in, or visit Mrs. Westrop's website at JR Smith.  She has some great coding games.

    2 - Art - our Art Teacher, Miss Elizabeth Brown is committed to keeping cool art projects on her website during this time.  She has also made a page where students in the district can post thei art.  Visit her website at JR Smith.

    3 - Board Games and puzzles!!!!!

    4 - Older kids make "schools" for younger kids

    5 - Make obstacle courses, time each other, and try to break your records.

    6 - Go to GoNoodle and learn a dance.  

    7 - Work on math facts and typing speed - there are resources on my webpage.

    8 - Write a movie script and them film it on your ipad - be sure to share it with your teacher!

    9 - Follow a recipe to make something wonderful.  Take a picture and share it with the class.

    10 - Write a journal each day so you can share this time with your future children.

    11 - Check out Mrs. Segura's web page for extension and enrichment activities.  She is our GATE teacher.

    12 - Explore on Google Earth - there are virtual field trips and activities.

    13 - Listen to an audio book on Epic Reading or Audible.com (https://stories.audible.com/discovery)

    14 - READ A BOOK!!!