• -----WORK IN PROGRESS-----

    Welcome to Mr. Funsch's Teacher Page!

    I'm Mr. Funsch and this will be my first year in education! I couldn't think of a better school to spend my first year in than Timpanogos Middle School. I have a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Montana Technological University and I got a few years of engineering work experience under my belt before I decided that it wasn't right for me and that teaching is where I needed to be. I hope you are as excited about learning math as I am about teaching it!


    This year I will be teaching:

    7th Grade Math

    8th Grade Math


    When I'm not at school you'll often find me:

    Fishing / Kayaking

    Riding my motorcycle

    Spending time with my wife and dogs


    PARENTS: If you need to contact me at anytime, please feel free to email me at my school email down below! I will always reply back as quickly as I can. Please do not feel like you're bothering me, I would LOVE to discuss your childs progression in my class with you. Whether it's a question about a math problem, or if it's showing your child has any missing work you would like clarification on, get in touch with me and we'll get it figured out together.