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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science- Special Education for Sever Disabilities

Ms. Sally Baird

I Love Books!!

My name is Ms. Sally and I am your new librarian. I love to read. However, this wasn't always the case. Growing up in the country in a family of 8 crazy boys and myself was an incredible adventure. Days were spent working and playing hard. 

Reading seemed a bother when there was so much to do and be entertained by a big family like my own. I could always find a brother to wrestle with on our worn out bouncy trampoline. Rallying up a few brothers to play hide and seek in the golden wheat field was an easy and entertaining task. Even running on the damp, green grass tickling my toes was much more preferred than sitting down and reading a book. That was until I met Ramona Quimby.

My 3rd grade teacher sent me home with a book called "Ramona the Pest" by Beverly Clearly. Although the cover was worn and the pages were bent, the picture of a young girl wearing bright red boots with a micheivious smile intrigued me. That afternoon as I sat down on the black vinyl bus seat, I cautiously opened the book to Chapter 1.

"I am not a pest," Ramona Quimby told her big sister Beezus.

"Then stop acting like a pest," said Beezus.

Time seemed to speed by as I flipped page after page. Before I knew it, one of my brothers had called out, "Hurry up Sally. Earth to Sally. This is our stop." Swinging my backpack over my shoulder and gripping the book in one hand, I dashed off the bus and into my house. As I opened the door, a rush of family noise surrounded me. It seemed to be found in every nick and cranny in my house. I darted back outside, but the wind whipped my hair and tugged on my clothes. Desperately searching for a quiet place to read, I ran back into the house, bounded up the stairs into my small bedroom, and shut the door. I grabbed a flashlight, opened the closet, and crawled under my clothes to the back corner. Hungrily, I opened the book and began reading where I had left off.  Images of Ramona exploded in my mind as I was transported to her world. She was feisty, impulsive, emotional and passionate. Someone, who was...well... like me.

That day I became a reader. I had found a book that I connected with and I was hooked. As your librarian, I hope to help you find your own "Ramona", to instill the love of reading, and help you explore the wonderful world of books. I believe that every child is a reader! The challenge is to find the book that "speaks" to them.