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     I'm Jennifer Howell and I am so excited to be teaching at Timpanogos Middle School.  I graduated from BYU years ago, and through many twists and turns I find myself back in school learning to be a better teacher and Reading specialist! I am working towards a second degree from USU in Special Education where my focus is in reading disabilities. I am in my 2nd year of teaching reading and working with students with IEPs (Individual Education Plans). 

    As an adult I've lived in Utah, Texas, Washington, Ohio, Pensylvania and now back to Utah. I am married with 4 kids; 3 humans and 1 dog named Kitty!  I love to have fun, play and find the silly in life. I love to watch movies, experiment with cooking, play with digital design and sleep in!!!  I'm a fair weather human and truly love being outdoors on beautiful days - once I'm there... Getting there is another story!!

    I also love to work hard and accomplish hard things. I appreciate there are also dificulties which is why my goal as a Special Education teacher is to help students learn the skills they need find their voice and their confidence to turn struggles into strengths. I also want to help parents as they navigate school with their children.  Please feel comfortable contacting me if you have any quesitons at all. 

    Contact: jennifer.howell@wasatch.edu

    Phone: (435) 654-0550

    Reading Intervention classes:

    As parents, you can get in to see our Class schedules, lessons and assignment information through Canvas. You can enter through your childs account, or create a Parent Observer account.  To learn how to do that, look here for a sway video. Or look here for a pdf with instructions.

    Canvas page :Reading 2nd period

    Canvas page: Reading 3,4,5th periods

    I teach Reading - specifically to students who need more individualized help in learning the rules of decoding and comprehension -  and who need a safe space to practice and become more fluent. I work to make class interesting and fun, focused and useful. My goal is to give students opportunities to grow in their reading and comprehension skills so they can move forward feeling more confident in their ability to read and understand material they will find in all classes.

    The focus of Reading is to support students who are currently below grade level. Students will receive explicit reading instruction to help them acquire missing skills that lead to better reading comprehension. We will focus on the big five reading skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Students are placed in a Reading class using a combination of data gathered from state assessments, Reading Inventory, and teacher and/or parent recommendations.  

    This is where I want to be, and I look forward to working with you and your child.  I'm looking forward to an awesome year where we can have fun and find success for every student!!

         - Mrs. Howell