• Samuel Burt




    Curently teaching Art I and Art 2He Y'all

    Experienced in teaching Painting, Drawing, Portraiture, Ceramics, Tile Painting, and Ballroom Dance.


    If you have questions, students can message me through canvas and you  can email me through my school email.  



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    About the Instructor

    Samuel A. Burt began teaching in in 2016 after a private internship with  Utah landscape painter Linda Curley.   He has worked as a free lance artist since graduating BYU-Idaho with BFA in Painting and Drawing selling  art work and filling private commission nationally and internationally.  He   has specialized in large artistic design for theaters and play companies in Utah and Idaho and assisted in the design and installation of murals for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints throughout the US, Canada and Central America.


    Beyond the Classroom

    I believe firmly that the learning we do in the class room will only become valid once we apply it outside of the classroom.  I plan to keep doing it throughout my entire life.  Some things I enjoy studying and doing are Horsmanship, Horse training, equine anatomy, Music, Dance, Online education, Boating, Wake boarding, swiming, reading and excersize science.