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    Hello, my friends,


    We are getting closer to collecting our 513 books! So far, we have received 331 books in the last few weeks. We just have 182 books left.   

    On Tuesday, May 25, 2020, I will be there from 11:00 am-12:30 pm so you can drop off your library books.  If you can not make it on Tuesday, then please come during your Curbside Pick-up Schedule set by our principal listed below. 


    Curbside Pick-up Schedule for Family by Last Name-

    A through D: Wednesday, May 27th, 9 am-11 am

    E through K: Wednesday, May 27, 12:00 pm- 2 pm

    L through P: Thursday, May 28th, 9 am-11 am

    Q through Z: Thursday, May 28, 12:00 pm- 2 pm


    Other information-

    iPad Return:

    If you have been invited to attend summer bridge tutoring, please keep your iPad. All other iPads can be returned according to the hours and days listed below.

    When: May 21-28, 2020  

    Time: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 

    Where: 200 East 800 South


    Many of these books are either at home or in your classrooms, but  I know together we can get them all back. 


    Here is the breakdown by grades:

    1st Grade: 35 books

    2nd Grade: 60 books

    3rd Grade: 33 books

    4th Grade: 24 books

    5th Grade: 30 books

    Total Books Left to Collect: 182 books as of May 22, 2020

    Let see which grade will get all of their books back!

    We started with 513 books out!

    We got this!!






Last Modified on May 25, 2020