• RObert Bills


    I am very excited to teach at Wasatch High School this year.  I am teaching three Spanish 1 classes and three Latinos in Action classes.  I have a wealth of information, resources, personal experiences and stories (lots and lots of stories!) from many years living, working, competing and traveling internationally.  I love adventures and non-team sports that require helmets and have consequences for failure. 

    My goal is for the students to learn through experiences and live the Spanish Language as a useful tool to open the door to the world.  My Latinos in Action students will discover that they are integral and essential students at Wasatch High School capable of anything.  We will learn  to succeed at future university studies, careers, families and integration en los EEUU. 

    A Conquistar a..... es el tema de nuestras clases de Latinos en Acción.  El primer obstáculo para nuestros alumnos es "conquistar... a mi mismo"  Dicho quiere decir, conquistar a nuestros dudas, miedos y preconcepciones que existen a dentro de cada uno.