• Ms. Rogers

  • Who is Ms. Rogers?



    My name is Katelyn Rogers. I am extremely excited to be a teacher at Timpanogos Middle School and contribute to the amazing culture this school provides for students. I am from Kamas, UT. I attended the Universtiy of Utah for Athletic Training before I transferred to Utah State University and found my love for teaching.

    I enjoy playing slow pitch softball (our team just took the championship), snowmobiling, snowboarding, and reading in my free time. 


    I teach sixth grade World Civilizations and eighth grade US History. For a link to the Canvas sites click on purple link below.


    Where do I find student work or grades?

    I use Canvas as a main way to distribute work  and grade students. If you would like to follow your student's canvas click the link below, and follow the directions.

    Parent Observation

    There are also some good resources here: Link to TMS Parent Resources

    Link to How to submit a help ticket 



    What is World Civilizations?

    Click for the link to World Civilizations Canvas.

     In World Civilizations, comparisons between civilizations from a variety of regions can help support awareness, not only of history, but of all the social studies disciplines, including geography, anthropology, and economics. Students will learn about selected regions of the world and the societies that have formed there, learning about their systems of governance, the rights and responsibilities they hold, how their societies have changed and continued over time, and how these regions are interconnected. Students will compare institutions common to all societies such as government, education, and religious institutions. They will also learn about current issues facing the world as well as potential opportunities for solutions.

    Examples of time periods students will study include but are not limited to: Ancient Civilizations, The Middle Ages and Renaissance, The Age of Revolutions, and The Modern World. These time periods should allow students to explore ideas and concepts in depth. As a result, learning life lessons and making connections that will inspire and excite them for their lives to come.

    click link for World Civilizations Hybrid  


    What will we learn about in US History?

    Click for the link to U.S. History Canvas

    This section of US history includes events and issues in United States history from the Age of Exploration through Reconstruction, emphasizing the 18th and 19th centuries. Topics include, but are not limited to, American Indian life, European exploration and colonization, the Revolutionary War, constitutional issues, nation building, expansion, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. Students will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of each period’s key historic, geographic, economic, and civic concepts.


    I am available before or after school. If you would like to email me with any questions, my email is katelyn.rogers@wasatch.edu