• Mr. Nalette

    Hello, my name is Mike Nalette.  I grew up in Southern California, moved to Utah in 2006, and have lived in Heber since 2008.

    I have Bachelor’s Degrees in Government and History Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

    I teach US History, Utah Studies, Utah Studies Hybrid Class, and Yearbook. My main class that I teach is Utah Studies.

    US History (Link to class) explores the history of the United States of America.  We learn about geography of the land before we were a country, we learn about European Colonization, American Revolution, US Government, and the Civil War.  We pack a lot of learning into a year long class.

    Utah Studies (Link to class) explores the prehistory and contemporary history of The Great State of Utah. We learn about Utah Geography and it's unique features. We learn about the native groups that have called and still call Utah home.  We explore the immigration of outside people to the area that becomes Utah.  We learn about the migration of religious groups.  We also learn, explore, and debate the last 100 years of Utah as a state.

    The Utah Studies Hybrid (Link to class) class is the same as above, it is delivered in a partial online and in person format.

    Yearbook is super fun and pretty cool, we make the yearbook for TMS.


    Here is a short tutorial for parents who wish to set up an Canvas Parent Observer Account


    Here is my email address: michael.nalette@wasatch.edu