Rob Willardson  DCE
    Hello! students and parents. I am very happily working as the counselor at Daniels Canyon Elementary. My main focus as a counselor is to build relationships and get to know each student at DCE. I beilieve this is critical in order for students to learn important concepts from monthly classroom lessons. Strong relatoinships with students is also very critcial as I help them build strong academic,  social and emotional competence. Check out what we are working on each month by clicking here: Monthly classroom tip Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the year. 
    The role of an elementary school counselor:
    An elementary school counselor has three main activites in the school: 
    Classroom Instruction- Monthly lessons in each k-5 classroom. Themes include conflict resolution, bully prevention, making friends, growth mindset, building positive habits, managing emotions, resilience, personal safety. 
    Approach to Dropout Prevention- Meet weekly with individual students, parent consultation, crisis intervention including individual academic or social and emotional support. 
    Plan for College and Career- Spend a little bit of classroom lesson time helping students understand importance of decisions for the future. Individual interests are important for future life decisions. 
    Contact Information:
    435-654-6900  ext. 1805

Last Modified on December 14, 2020