• I am so excited to be a Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program Music Educator!  The program is specially funded through the Utah Legislature to provide students access to a certified music teacher.  I am certified in both music and English as literature is my second love.  

    I have taught music in the elementary setting for ten years.  I LOVE integrating subjects like reading, history, and science into music concepts.  Academic vocabulary is vital in increasing student comprehension in all areas.   My goals for students include being tuneful, beatful, and artful!  

    A typical class might include expressive movement, small group music theory practice, large ensemble instrument playing, or solo practice.  I also enjoy reinforcing concepts found in the core classroom such as:  summary, inference, problem/solution, root words and suffixes and prefixes, and number value.  One of my favorite questions to hear from students is "Why?"  Igniting a spark of curiosity often leads to a life-long love of learning.