• Lap Swimming: 

    Activity Pool: this pool is 4ft deep 20 yd. in length 3 lane

    Comp Pool: this pool is 5ft-9ft deep 25 yd. in length 10 lanes

    Open Plunge:

    Activity Pool: Three different areas of play

    Play structure area

    3 ft. area

    4 ft. lap pool

    Comp Pool:  Half of the pool will be select Wibit toys; another half of pool Lap lanes for lap swimming

    Swim Lessons: Beginning swim classes for ages 3 and up. They will learn the basic swimming skills needed to be comfortable in the water.

    Summer Lessons   
       Weekly - 5 lessons M, T, W, TH, F 30 min. 
    School Year
       Multi-Week - 4 Lessons M/W or T/H for 30 min.            
       Saturday Only – 4 Lessons  40 min                     
    Adult Swimming Lessons: Swim class for 18 and up to learn how to swim. Level 1 Intro class will be free for members once a month. Advanced levels will be scheduled throughout the year.  

    Pre Competition: This is a beginner swim team that a child must qualify and tryout to be on

       For more information about Competitive swim teams please visit www.wasatchswimclub.com

    Competition Teams: This is a USA Swimming competitive swim team ages general from 8-18

       For more information about Competitive swim teams please visit www.wasatchswimclub.com

    Heber Adult Swim Club (HASC): Swim team for all levels of adult swimmers.

       Affiliated with United States Masters Swimming

       All Ability levels – Beginner to Advanced

       M,W,F 5:30 am to 6:30 am and 11:30 am to 12:30 pm







  • Water Aerobics/Aqua Fit: The classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and age groups.  They’re a great low impact option for those looking to increase mobility or recovering from injuries.

    Water Zumba: An Active Dance class in the water.


    Rusty Joints - an aquatic workout in our therapy pool that promotes muscle strength, joint flexibility, core strength, and overall balance. Great for older adults, pregnant women. and anyone rehabilitating an injury. 

    Boga Mat Yoga: Class combines the best aspects of core movements from gymnastics, and yoga.  We will build strength, deepen flexibility, and improve balance and coordination.

    Boga Fit

    Floga Fit: Challenge your core, strength & stability with “floating yoga” Full surface boards/mats with built-in resistance bands for more possibilities & a lot of fun, in a floating studio.

    Tri-Athlete Camp: A USA Triathlon camp for kids ages 10-18

       Affiliated with USA Triathlon

       All Ability levels – Beginner to Advanced

    Splash-Ball: A beginner to water polo class ages from 5-12 must be able to tread water and swim

       TBD  Eight (8) Sessions.

    Open Water Polo: Open to all ages, involves skill instruction and scrimmage 

    Wibit: Inflatable obstacle course for water recreation.