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    Name: John Gerald Ryszka
    Email Address: 
    Office Phone number: 435-654-0604 ext. 3767
    Work Cell: 435-709-2771

    It is exciting to work with students and school faculty alike here at Wasatch High School. For many years I have had a great love for the world of music and the people associated with it.  Helping students become successful in music has brought me great joy. My own personal experiences in education have helped me develop my education philosophy, in that music is a vehicle to bring out the pure and good characteristics contained in each individual. 

    I am grateful for the many great teachers I have encountered.  No matter the subject area each has inspired me to work hard and become a better person.  Though their classes were not easy I knew each was passionate about what they taught and cared for each student.  I feel it a privilege to be working in such an important capacity and hope that I may continue to develop the necessary skills of successful teachers.
    BMED from Brigham Young University, Idaho
    MA in conducting from Sam Houston State, Texas
    Classes Offered 
    G/O-Jazz Band- Come explore Jazz in the big band setting and learn more about the genres of rock, funk, latin, and swing.  Audition Required.  
    G/3- Concert Band-Come and learn to play a variety of music using a wind instrument.  No Audition Required.  
    G/4- Guitar I or II Come explore and learn how to read music while playing the guitar.  No Audition required.  
    B/3-Symphonic Band, Come learn higher level music than ever through the playing of wind instrument.  Audition Required.  
    B/4-Percussion II-Come learn to beat a drum or play a xylophone.  This class also accompanies the symphonic band.  No audition required.  
    B/5 Percussion I-Come learn to beat a drum or play a xylophone.  This class also accompanies the concert band.  No audition require
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