Derek Brooks
    Derek Brooks
    Phone Number: 435-654-0640 Ext (3750)
    I have been working with Wasatch School District since 2015.  Before coming to Wasatch, I taught for eight years at Mountain Ridge Junior High in Highland, Utah.  There I taught English 7, English 7th Co-Taught, Creative Writing, Film Appreciation, and English 9 Honors. 
    Mountain Ridge
    For the last five years I have had the opportunity to teach English 9 H and English 10.  I currently teach Literacy 2 & 3 and am excited to put all of my focus into helping students achieve their literacy goals.  As my interests lie in literature, film, food, and travel, I try to incorporate these aspects in order to facilitate student interest in writing as much as I can.
    Literature   Film   Food  
    I studied English and German at BYU and it was there that I developed a love for both literature and film.
    During this time, I had the opportunity to work with German-language learners at the Missionary Training Center.
    After finishing up at BYU in 2005, I taught German at Meridian in Provo while working on my teaching certificate at UVU.
     In 2014, I graduated from USU with a Masters in Educational Leadership.
    In the words of James J Braddock from Ron Howard's film, Cinderella Man, I feel like I can say...
    Cinderella man
    "you know, I have a lot to be grateful for... I have three beautiful, healthy, trouble-making kids... [and] I have the prettiest wife a man could wish for..." (2005).  As a family, the five of us enjoy hiking, swimming, traveling, and attempting to make really good food.  We like fun and meaningful movies and trying to make each other laugh.  My kids find sports as engaging just like their mom and she does a far better job helping them develop these skills than I ever could.  
    Mindy is a talented violinist. She teaches Violin as well as Special Education here at Wasatch Hig.  It is fun for the two of us to work and associate with everyone who gives so much to this Community. 
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