Mrs. W looks like this.
    Welcome to Mrs. Wilhite's class.
    I'm thrilled to have this school year with you. This is my fifth year as a teacher at Wasatch High. I love it here. High school is the coolest. I've lived in the north, south, east, and west of the United States, and when we got the chance to live in Utah, my family chose Heber valley because we love to see the mountains out of every window. We've been here sixteen years and aren't tired of it yet. Two of my four kids have graduated from Wasatch High, and the others are excited for their turn. I love books and words and food (and I've been accused of being a snob about all of those things, but it's not always true). I'm a published author and an avid reader, so I'm eager to read and write with you.
    I teach English 10, Pre AP English 10, Creative Writing, Novel Writing, and Student Government. All of our content is found on Canvas pages, and all Canvas grades are uploaded into SIS by the end of school every Friday. (Grades will be adjusted every week, but you'll be able to see where we've been all term.) 
    I strongly suggest that parents follow their kids' Canvas courses. Go to here to find out how.