First Responders:  Asthma

First Responders Checklist:  Go to – Departments – School Health Services – First Responder Training – Asthma

*Please complete checklist before your appointment for training with the school nurse.

      o   Review Asthma Powerpoint

      o   Watch Videos

            1.   “The Coach’s Asthma Clip Board Program” (Fill out the information at the end of the training to receive your free clipboard)

                  -  Go to

                        +  This video is 30 minutes

            2.    Watch “Using Your Asthma Inhaler Spacer” 

                    Or go to 
                                                  both video's
                          +  This video is 2 minutes 16 seconds.
                   Watch “How to Use an Inhaler"
                          +   This video is 2 minutes 1 second.

       o   Familiarize yourself with the following forms.

                  -   Self Administration State Form

                  -   Asthma Action Plan

                  -   Rescue Medications: Albuterol

                       -   Asthma Education Module
                       -   Asthma Non Spacer Education Module
Last Modified on April 6, 2012