Holly Todd

Holly Todd
Old Mill Counseling

435-657-3130 ext. 1704


Holly Todd is a school counselor at Old Mill Elementary School.  She has been a kindergarten teacher, Title I teacher, ELL teacher and an academic specialist.  She graduated from Westminster College with a BA in Early Childhood Education and an M.Ed. from the University of Utah in School Counseling.  She enjoys learning new things, crafting, reading, especially children's literature (check out her favorite books list) and traveling.

Counseling Services are provided in the following ways:

Individual or Small Group:  Students who are in need of additional support can receive short term individual or small group counseling in areas that impact their ability to  succeed in school.  Topics include, but are not limited to study skills, friendship skills, impulsivity, family dynamics, anxiety, ADD/ADHD.  Referrals will be made as necessary to outside resources.

Classroom Instruction:  Students will receive instruction in whole group, class settings on skills to encourage their development in life, academics, and careers.  At Old Mill Elementary we use a program called ABC's of Crayons to College and Careers.  Each week we have a focused skill or attribute that students are working on.  Through teacher input and needs assessments, we determine which of those skills and attributes to highlight for classroom lessons. Sample topics include problem solving, decision making, cooperation, communication, motivation and more.  

Each class receives one to two lessons per month from the counselor:
Monday:  Palmer, Bowman, Dual Immersion 1st
Tuesday:  Dual Immersion Kindergarten, Nicholls, Limb, Knight, Malmrose
Wednesday:  Iba, Dual Immersion 2nd, Swedenborg, Richey, Smith
Thursday:  Cartwright, Dayton, Murdock, Neal, Davis
Friday:  Stanley, Rail, Lontine

Individual Planning:  Students will receive instruction in setting and working towards goals to help prepare for the future.

System Support:  Students will benefit by continual education and training of staff in areas that are pertinent to the success of all students.
Utah College and Career Readiness Comprehensive School Counseling Program Information  http://www.schools.utah.gov/cte/ccgp/
“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” --Abraham Lincoln
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