This month we will be completing a unit on inventors.   We will begin the unit with studying famous inventors, including Alexander Graham Bell, The Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin.   Throughout this unit, students will brainstorm problems found in everyday life, and eventually invent their own solution to this problem.  At the end of the unit, students will submit their “patent application” with their project to our 3rd annual Invention Fair.





Invention Packet
Inventor Note Pages (see inventors below)


Invention Fair Project
Patent Application
Famous Inventors


Picture-- old Plane
Wright Brothers
Picture-- Light Bulb
Thomas Edison
Picture-- Kite/ lightening or bifocals
Benjamin Franklin
Picture-- Jeans
Levi Strauss
Picture- telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
Lois Braille
Albert Einstein
Picture-- Dictionary
Noah Webster

Noah Webster

Picture--Model T
Henry Ford

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Life Changing Inventions

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