Homework Folder
Please check your child’s homework folder nightly for the following.  Keep an eye out for new spelling lists and bimonthly newsletters on Monday.
The standard rule for homework is 10 minutes per grade level; therefore, by fourth grade, students should:

1)      Reading:  20 min (first term), 25 min (2nd term), 30 min (3rd & 4th term)
         *This time may be used for reading Book Talk books. 
2)      5 minute minimum of spelling practice
3)      5 minute minimum of math practice
4)      Incomplete Work, including online assignments* from math program

   (*password & id required; if lost, must be picked up in office ONLY)


Homework Grading Policy

Homework is a grade.  Please send the homework folder DAILY!  Assignments are due when they are due!  This is part of the school rule, “Be responsible.”  Reading 20 minutes a day (30 minutes a day 2nd semester), math fact practice, spelling practice, and any incomplete assignment from the day’s lessons.  Students will write in additional assignmetns on their homework record sheet.  Please sign the H.W. record sheet and return it the next day with your child.  I will collect and record your child’s preparation first thing each morning.   Please help your child succeed in this area. 

Last Modified on September 8, 2009