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Mastery Club


The Mastery Club is an optional club for students who are interested in going “above and beyond” the normal classroom expectations. To become a member, choose a topic from the list and learn about it on your own. You may go to the library and look up answers or research it on the internet. When you find the answers, write them down in your Mastery Club notebook. (Have your parents initial it if you do it at home) Then, you can turn it in to Mrs. Ward to be checked. Each correct answer earns you a Mastery Club Star. You can become a 1 Star member, or a 100 Star member.


Good luck, and most of all, have fun!


Before you start;


Always get permission from your parents to use the internet! You may also use dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps or other reference materials. Don’t forget to have your parents sign your paper.




I have made every attempt to make sure the links below are safe for children and working properly, but websites may change without warning. Always immediately exit out of any pop-up windows. NEVER click on any advertisements on the web pages, and NEVER register for any special offers. If you find something that you think in inappropriate, or if you find any links that do not work properly, let me k now as soon as possible.


Here are some websites to help you with your research.

List the 7 Continents


List 15 world countries


List the 50 states


Write the names of the 50 States on this map


List the 13 Original colonies


List the state symbols of Utah


List 10 symbols of the United States

Construct a map of our school that includes a title, compass rose, symbols and legend

Tools that you can use, but you don’t have to! J



List the steps of the scientific inquiry method


What is a mammal? List 10 mammals.



What is a marsupial? List 10 marsupials.


What is an amphibian? List 10.


What is a reptile? List 10 reptiles.

What is a bird? List 10 types of birds.

What is an endangered animal? List 10 endangered animals.

What is an extinct animal? List 10 extinct animals.



List the 3 layers of the earth.




List the 3 types of rocks and how they are formed.

Describe the life cycle of a mealworm beetle.


Describe the life cycle of a grasshopper.


What is a fossil? List 10 prehistoric fossils.



Research your favorite animal and it’s habitat, diet, etc… Choose a creative way to present and share it with the class.

Your choice

Research a topic of your choice and create a poster. Share it with the class.

Your choice



List 10 organs in the human body


Draw and label a food chain


What is the difference between common and proper nouns? List 10 common nouns & 10 proper nouns



What is a verb? List 15 verbs and draw or cut out a picture to illustrate your verbs.


What is an adjective? List 10 adjectives.

What is an adverb? List 10 adverbs.

What is a preposition? List 10 prepositions


List 8 famous authors and 1 book that each author wrote.


List the 5 components of a friendly letter. Write a friendly letter and deliver it to someone.

List and describe six types of poems. Try your hand at writing your own type of poem, and share it with your class.

Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital alphabet letters.


List all the different ways to make $1.00 using quarters, dimes, and nickels. (no pennies!!)





Collect data and correctly record it on a graph to share with the class. Write 10 good questions with answers about the data. Present the graph and questions to the class. Select students to answer the questions.


Earn 100% in 1 minute on the addition basic facts test.


Earn 100% in 1 minute on the subtraction basic facts test.








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