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U.S. History

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U.S. History...

1300 - 1400

American History Site

Zoom Explorers

Learn about early explorers for reports!

1500 - 1600

Children in Colonial America  Learn about Colonial America


1700 - 1800

California Gold Rush: 150 Years

The Gold RushGold Rush 
Oregon TrailOn the Oregon Trail (by modern day kids)Settling the West
CultureGrams States Edition: United States of...

Native Americans


The First Americans
Kiowa Indians
Mandan Indians
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Nativos Norteamericanos

Civil War Unit


Civil War Battles

Education World Civil War

Extra Timeline

Welcome to the Civil War

Go to timeline, sites, or places for assignment


Underground Railroad (Scholastic)

Civil War for Kids

Use this site for Biographies or additional information

Gettygurg National Park (kids)

Use for interesting site

Become Someone in the Civil War

The Learning Page, a place to learn about the past of the U.S. from the Library

of Congress

Slavery/Civil War


American Civil War Research Site for Maps Bat...
Civil War American History Timeline Battle Ma...
Encyclopedia of Civil War Topics
Famous People of the Civil War
Women of the American Civil War Era
The Civil War Artillery Page
US Civil War Generals
Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman
Civil War Artillery - Dictionary
Civil War Battles
Civil War Terms
Civil War Terminology
Music of the Civil War
Definitions Of Civil War Terms
Civil War --Ask Earl Questions/Answers
Gettysburg National Military Park Kidzpage Main
The History Place - U.S. Civil War 1861-1865
Teacher Projects Civil war, history, civil wa...
Civil War Medicine
The Civil War for Kids
Civil War Family Photos
Underground Railroad--History of Slavery, Pic...
The Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad f...
Harriet Tubman
Civil War
Civil War Brain Pop
Time Line of The Civil War - 1861

***Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt

Civil War Quilts

1900 - 2000

World War 2 Children

U.S. Government


Enchanted Learning States

Poems & Worksheets

Smithsonian Artifacts Biographies, Hall of Pres.:

America Alive By the Library of Congress

Find a Name for a Short Biogaphy
Go to "Back in Time" then to "ANew Nation", choose an historic person!

Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe

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