• Barrett's Work for the Week

    Ms. Candyce Barrett


    Week Of:  April 16, 2007

    Notes and Announcements **Assignments are subject to change




    Review for
    Core Testing

    Math- Review Benchmark 3

    Reading-Novels, Adverb auditor

    Spelling-Unit 32- Words 5 times, 

    Writing - Spring Haiku Type

    Word Study – p. 85

    Boardwork –Science

    Extra - Art, finish designs


    Review for
    Core Testing

    Math – #83

    Reading-  Novels

    Spelling-10 sent./ 20 words,

    Writing – Science books

    Word Study – On new computers Lang. tests

    Boardwork – Computer


    Review for
    Core Testing

    Math - #84

    Reading- Novels

    Spelling-  Unit 12 p.                         

    Writing-   Science Bks.

    Word Study  p. 85               

    Boardwork –Math

    Art - Flowers


    Review for
    Core Testing

    Math – #85

    Reading- Fact & Opinion

    Spelling-p 2nd page of Unit

    Writing- Science Bks.

    Word Study - Word Study p. 77

    Boardwork  - Computer                      

    Science - Science


    Review for
    Core Testing

    Math #86

    Reading- Author's Purpose

    Spelling- Test #31,

    Writing  Science Bks.         

    Word Study- On new computers

    Boardwork –Apple to Apples

    Spelling Words Unit  Review Words

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