• Parent Meeting for prospective Dual Immersion Students

    We will be hosting a parent information night for prospective Dual Immersion students in kindergarten during the 2015-2016 school year. J.R. Smith Elementary invites you to attend a meeting that will take place on Thursday, February 12 at 6:00 PM in the library. The purpose of this meeting is to help parents understand what dual immersion is and how it works. Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions about the program during this time.  The goal is for parents to make an educated decision. This meeting will be translated from English to Spanish at the same time.


    Noche de Información para padres de proximos estudiantes del programa de Inmersión Dual para el grado de kinder durante el 2015-2016. La escuela JR Smith Elementary le invita a participar en una conferencia que se llevara acavo el dia 12 de Febrero a las 6:00PM en la biblioteca de la escuela. El motivo de esta reunion es para ayudar a los padres a entender lo que es el programa de inmersión dual, y como funciona, si tiene preguntas acerca de este programa sientase libre de hacerlas durante esta platica; esto le ayudara a hacer una desicion educada. Esta platica se traducira de Ingles a Español al mismo tiempo.

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    Dear Parents, J.R. Smith Elementary Tardies Term 1 2014-2015 Compared to other schools

    At J.R. Smith Elementary School, we strive to provide your student with the best opportunities for learning and growth. For some time now, there has been increasing concern over the significant number of students tardy each day. J.R. Smith Elementary has nearly double the number of tardy students than any other elementary in the Wasatch County School District (see chart). Teachers work hard to ensure that their instruction is effective at all times and that no time is wasted. When students arrive late, teachers often have to stop teaching students who have arrived on time to review with the tardy students what they have missed, change the lunch count and/or update attendance. This causes significant disruption in instructional time. In order for us to provide the best educational experience possible for everyone, it is important for your student to arrive to school on time each day. The first bell at J. R. Smith rings at 8:40 a.m. Students are expected to be in their classrooms and ready to work when the second bell rings at 8:45. 


    In order to motivate and help students understand the importance of arriving on time, J.R. Smith Elementary students will have the opportunity to participate in a school-wide game of Capture the Flag. Each class will design a flag that will be placed outside of their classroom door. Every week on Friday, a report will be run to look at the percentage of student in each class that were on time. If a class falls below a certain percent that week, Mr. Brown will “capture” or take the class flag and post it in the lunchroom. That class will then try to earn back or recapture their flag by bringing their on-time percentage back up the following week. When the classroom percentage goes back up, teachers may recapture their flag from the lunchroom and post it again outside of their door. At the end of each month, there will be a class reward for the class that showed the most improvement over the month and the class with the highest percentage of on-time students. This is meant to be a fun, positive way to encourage students to be on time.


    Responsibility is a large component of the rules here at J.R. Smith Elementary School. We ask that you please help your student learn the responsibility of being on time to school each and every day. We appreciate all that you do to support your student’s academic achievement.




    The J.R. Smith Elementary Faculty, P.T.A. and Community Council

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